Best wishes to you all for a wonderful 2008.
On reflection of a very difficult year, here is a video of 'Broken Man' recorded at the recent Sheffield show, by Dave Sinclair at
SinVision for

Broken Man


Jeff, Alex and Richard
JSS Calendar 2008 
A few people ask me every year about producing a downloadable calendar of JSS pics, that they can print off at home and hang on their wall. Sorry, I'm a little late this year but it is finally finished. In fact I've done two versions - the standard calendar similar to last year's, plus a new 'retro' style calendar, just for a little variety. 

Here are the links... 

In both cases you can view the individual pages in a gallery, and at the bottom of each gallery you can, if you wish, download a PDF file containing 10x8 inch full resolution pages ready to print. 

The photos were all taken this year and are a combination of Jeff's performances with Journey, the JSS Band and the SAS Band. Unfortunately, Talisman didn't play in the UK this year so I couldn't include any photos with them. 

Hope you like 'em. 

It's that time of year folks, there were a lot of highs & some major lows, loads of laughter & some tears, I am sure all of you out there had your fair share but it's music that helps us through these times, as much as it brings joy it gets us through pain. With that, lets rejoice the one time a year when we're forced to just appreciate the facets of life that mean the most... family.

To my extended family new & old, I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season & may the New Year bring everything your little hearts desire, thank you for helping me through 2007!

Seems Jeff doesn't like to sit & relax during down time between tours! This past weekend, Jeff was summonsed up to Vegas by good friend Spike Edney (Queen) to sing with one of the camper bands as the keyboardist who was supposed to sing lost his voice. Alan White's (Yes), who was the camp counselor for the band Jeff sang with, band wanted to include the Yes hit 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' & they got a cram session rehearsal in on Sat. ready to perform it, amongst others in their recital set on the finale night. Jeff also came up at the very end with all the counselors All Star Band to finish with We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions which included Spike, Jamie Moses (Queen), Mark Slaughter, Mark Hudson, Teddy Andreadis (Guns N Roses), Kelly Keagy (Nightranger), Simon Kirke (BadCo/Free), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) & Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter (Doobie Bros/Steely Dan). This is Jeff's 2nd appearance after the Los Angeles camp back in Feb 2007.
''I met Kevin back in 1986 when Quiet Riot were on the bill with us (Yngwie Malmsteen) for a few shows in the US. He was a funny, high spirited, overall good guy. Through all that he created his image of the 'mouth that roared', I found him to be a very endearing & genuine soul. He's was a saint then & continued to be such a humble person always treating me with absolute respect since day one. I was a Quiet Riot fan when the Metal Health album came out & through knowing Kevin & Co, continued to support the guys & their quest to continue the path they set for themselves from the ground up.

As we drove to soundcheck today here in the UK, I was given the information that Kevin has passed away. My deepest condolences go out to his family, those near & dear & especially to the boys in QR. Kevin leaves us with his legacy of work that we should always remember him by & knowing him, he doesn't want us to be sad for his passing, he'd want us to celebrate by 'screaming until our throats bleed!'. RIP my friend, we'll meet again!
We are sad to announce the 2 JSS Australian dates have been cancelled due to a possible addition to Jeff's schedule which we will announce here soon. Unfortunately the importance of this upcoming news coincides with the dates originally booked & there are plans to rebook as soon as possible. Apologies to all abroad who were looking forward to the shows, Jeff is sorely disappointed but will surely make it up soon.

Tour dates
Wed. Nov 7, Jeff was invited onstage to join Alter Bridge onstage for a slamming encore of AC/DC's 'Whole Lotta Rosie' along with Whitfield Crane on the mic (former Ugly Kid Joe frontman, now singing for Another Animal who are support act for the AB tour) at House Of Blues in Hollywood, CA. Singer Myles Kennedy & Jeff have the movie Rock Star in common, as most know, Jeff provided vocals for the main character/singer, Bobby Beers, that Mark Wahlberg's character replaces in Steel Dragon. Myles is the singer Wahlberg pulls onstage towards the end of the movie just before he walks away from the band. Alter Bridge are the band derived from the band Creed, featuring Mark Tremonti on guitar, Scott Phillips on drums & original Creed bassist Brian Marshall on bass.
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