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1995 - Jeff Scott Soto presents Love Parade CD
2002 - Jeff Scott Soto (JSS) - Prism CD
2002 - Jeff Scott Soto - Holding On EP CD
2002 - Jeff Scott Soto - Live at the Gods CD
2002 - Jeff Scott Soto - Live at the Gods DVD
2003 - Jeff Scott Soto - Live at Queen International Fan Club Convention DVD
2004 - Jeff Scott Soto - Believe in Me EP CD
2004 - Jeff Scott Soto - Lost in the Translation CD


1982 - Eternity - demo-recording (UNRELEASED)
1982 - Kanan - demo-recording (UNRELEASED)
1984 - Seducer (Coverband) - live-concerts (no known recordings were made)
1984 - Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - s/t
1985 - Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - Marching Out
1985 - Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - Studio/Live '85 EP
1986 - Doug Farrar - demo-recording (UNRELEASED)
1986 - Scarlet Harlot - several live-appearances (ex-Secuder)(no known recordings were
1986 - Panther - s/t
1986 - Various Artists - L.A. Steel (w/previously-unreleased Panther track)
1988 - Jeff Young (ex-Megadeath) - demo-recordings (UNRELEASED)
1988 - Kuni - Lookin' For Action
1989 - St. Valentine - demo-recordings & production (UNRELEASED)
1989 - Alex Masi - Attack Of The Neon Shark
1989 - Kryst The Conqueror - Deliver Us From Evil (UNRELEASED full-length album)
1989 - Kryst The Conqueror - Deliver Us From Evil EP *


1990 - Albert Morris (ex-3rd Stage Alert) - demo-recording (UNRELEASED)
1990 - Joe Mina (ex-St. Valentine) - demo-recordings (UNRELEASED)
1990 - Horny Strings (Coverband) - several live-appearances in Sweden w. T. Denander &
            M. Jacob (no known recordings were made)
1990 - Eyes - s/t
1990 - Eyes - demos for 2nd (3rd) album
1990 - Talisman - s/t
1991 - Phil Soussan & Tommy Thayer - demo-recording (UNRELEASED)
1991 - Stuart Smith - Tribute To Randy Rhodes
            (live-concert - no known recordings were made)
1991 - Shime - demo-recordings (UNRELEASED)
1991 - Skrapp Mettle - Sensitive**
1991 - Stephen Powell & Gonga - demo-recordings for Swedish girl group (UNRELEASED)
1992 - Bakteria - s/t (UNRELEASED)
1992 - Axel Rudi Pell - Eternal Prisoner
1992 - Chippendales Project - JSS did some cover songs for the live-show of the male
             strippers (UNRELEASED)
1992 - Rattleshack - Demo-recordings which lead to Monster "Through The Eyes Of The
             World" (UNRELEASED)
1993 - Axel Rudi Pell - The Ballads
1993 - Talisman - Genesis
1993 - Takara - Eternal Faith
1993 - Eyes - Windows Of The Soul
1993 - Biker Mice From Mars - s/t
1994 - Axel Rudi Pell - Between The Walls
1994 - Talisman - Five Out Of Five - Live In Japan
1994 - Talisman - Humanimal
1994 - Talisman - Humanimal Part II
1994 - Gary Schutt - Sentimetal
1994 - Various Artists - Smoke On The Water: A Tribute
1995 - Various Artists - 24th Of June: Alive 'N Kissing (promo-only CD)
1995 - Takara - Taste Of Heaven
1995 - Axel Rudi Pell - Made In Germany (Live)
1995 - Various Artists - The Dance Box Vol. I ***
1995 - Talisman - Life
1995 - Lita Ford - demo-version of "Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight" (lead vocals - duett)
1996 - Axel Rudi Pell - Black Moon Pyramid
1996 - Human Clay - s/t
1996 - Talisman - BESTerious (compilation)
1996 - Talisman - best of... (compilation, diff. than above)
1996 - Various Artists - The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal 1970-1996
            (Bonus CD)(w/previously un-released Talisman track)
1996 - Yngwie Malmsteen - Inspiration
1996 - Various Artists - Dragon Attack: A Tribute To Queen
1996 - Hollywood Underground - s/t
1997 - Axel Rudi Pell - Magic
1997 - Human Clay - u4ia
1997 - The Boogie Knights - Welcome To The Jungle Boogie
1998 - Takara - Blind In Paradise
1998 - Takara - Eternity: The Best 93-98(compilation)
1998 - Talisman - Truth
1999 - Various Artists - Hot For Remixes: Tribute to Van Halen


2000 - Various Artists - Bat Head Soup: A Tribute to Ozzy
2000 - Jeff Scott Soto & Jamie Borger - song writing & demo-recordings for Teen-bands
2000 - Zakk Wylde - demo-recordings (UNRELEASED)
2001 - Various Artists - Aerosmith: A Tribute to Aerosmith
2002 - Humanimal - S/T
2002 - Various Artists - An All Star Lineup Performing The Songs Of Pink Floyd -Jeff sings
            "Us & Them"
2003 - Ken Tamplin - Wake The Nations (Duet on one song - The Story of Love)
2003 - Laudamus - Lost in Vain (Duet on song 'In The Final Hour')
2003 - Talisman - Cats and Dogs
2003 - Edge Of Forever - Jeff is singing a duet on “Prisoner” with BOB HARRIS and doing
            most of the backing vocals on the album.
2003 - Chris Catena - Italian funk/soul/rock singer (Jeff duets on 1 song)
2004 - AC/DC Tribute - Jeff sings 'Problem Child' with Reb Beach on guitar, Tony Franklin
            on bass & Aynsley Dunbar on drums.
2004 - Iron Maiden Tribute - Jeff sings 'Aces High' (Billy Sheehan on bass, Vinny Appice
            on drums & I believe Nuno Bettencourt on guitar).
2004 - Swedish Tribute to the band "Sweet" on "Love Is Like Oxygen" also featuring
            Thomas Wikstrom & Mic Michaeli (Europe) on the track.
2004 - Tribute To Led Zeppelin - Jeff sings on "Royal Orleans".
2005 - Soul SirkUS - "World Play" - With Neal Schon (Journey/Santana),
            Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake), Virgil Donati.
2005 - Talisman - "Five Men Live"
2005 - Talisman - "World's Best Kept Secret" - DVD
2005 - Michael Schenker - Jeff sang on Doctor Doctor with Marco Mendoza on bass.
            (Unreleased so far)

* credited as "Kryst The Conqueror"
** credited as "Spunk"
*** credited as "T-ZAG"


1987 - Chastity - demo-recordings (backing vocals, some live-appearances & production)
1987 - Dragonne - On Dragons Wings (production & backing vocals)
1988 - House Of Lords - s/t
1990 - Glass Tiger - Simple Mission
1990 - Stryper - Against The Law
1990/91 - Flesh (Bettencourt/Cherone brothers) - demo-recordings
                 (backing vocals & production)
1991 - Stryper - Can't Stop The Rock: The Stryper Collection 1984-1991
1991 - McQueen Street - s/t
1991 - Lita Ford - Dangerous Curves
1991 - Saigon Kick - s/t
1991 - Randy Jackson's China Rain - Bed Of Nails
1992 - Steelheart - Tangled In Reins
1992 - Babylon A.D. - Nothing Sacred
1992 - Mitch Malloy - s/t
1992 - Slaughter - The Wild Life
1993 - Pariah - To Mock A Killingbird
1993 - Thomas Vikstrom - If I Could Fly
1994 - Eyes - Full Moon (The Lost Studio Sessions)
1994 - Da Black Side Brown - soul/black music sampler (backing vocals)
1995 - Lita Ford - Black
1995 - Monster - Through The Eyes Of The World
1995 - Jody Whitesides - Amalgam demo tape
1997 - Amalgam - Delicate Stretch Of The Seems
2000 - Paul Gilbert- Alligator - Jeff sings backup on the track CUT,CUT,CUT.
2000 - Fergie Frederiksen - Equilibrium. Jeff sings backing vocals on the track
            "BEST I CAN BE".
2003 - Threatcon Delta - Neil Turbin's CD; background vocals on several tracks
2003 - Edge Of Forever - Jeff is singing a duet on “Prisoner” with BOB HARRIS
            and doing most of the backing vocals on the album.
2004 - Swedish Tribute to the band "Sweet" on "Love Is Like Oxygen" also featuring
            Thomas Wikstrom & Mic Michaeli(Europe)on the track. (Lead & Backing vocals)


1985 - Driver - Jeff left Yngwie Malmsteen's band to work with Rudy Sarzo
            and Tommy Aldridge in Driver, but departed after three weeks due to
            musical differences. No recordings were made.
1985 - L'Amour - Jeff formed this band after leaving Driver, and it featured
            his brother Joey on drums. They recorded a four-song demo, but Jeff rejoined
            Yngwie Malmsteen's band in 1986 for the _Trilogy_ tour, which broke L'Amour up.
1985 - L.A. Rocks- Early incarnation of Eyes that Jeff was briefly involved with. Jeff was
            not particularly keen on the material the band was working on at the time,
            so he went on to other projects, but he united with what had then become Eyes in 1988
            and recorded a ten-track demo (which was later released as
            the _Windows Of The Soul_ CD). However, the band wasn't happy with their sound and
            direction, so they essentially started from scratch and recorded new material, which
            eventually became the Eyes self-titled debut CD.
1987 - Carrera- Short-lived, local L.A. band that Jeff hooked up with after leaving
            Yngwie Malmsteen's band for the second time, and prior to working with Kuni.
            No recordings were made.
1987 - Vinnie Vincent - Vinnie wrote several songs and hired Jeff to demo them on Vinnie's
            twelve-track recorder at home. Jimmy Waldo played keyboards. Vinnie was hoping to
            sell these tracks to publishing companies who might get artists looking for material to
            cover them (I don't know if this ever happened though).
1990 - Bad Jim (movie soundtrack) - Jeff sang one track ("Renegade") used in this movie.
            No soundtrack was released.
1991 - "Ice" - demo-recording for a drug movie (unreleased)
1991 - Rich Girl (movie soundtrack) - Jeff did all of the lead vocals for the actor
            (Don Michael Paul) who plays a singer in this movie. He was credited as "Jay Essess"
            in the end credits. No soundtrack was released.
1991 - 1993 - Slam - Jeff formed Slam in 1991 with guitarist George Bernhardt. In
            addition to Jeff and George, the band featured several other players throughout it's
            brief history, and a series of demos was recorded during that time. While searching for
            a band name, George joked that they should name the band after the fact that their
            music "slammed," so that's how the band's name originated.
1993 - Keystone Beer commercial (for television
1994 - Mr. Pibb commercial (for radio)
1994 - Maggie's Dream - Jeff auditioned for this New York-based band in 1994, but
            ultimately did not become a member.
1994 - Genaro - In an attempt to get Talisman distribution in South America, the track
            "All + All" (from _Humanimal_) was recorded in Spanish, and a limited number of CD
            singles were sent out to Spanish radio stations in Europe and South America. The artist
            name of "Genaro" was used on the single, a tribute to Jeff's uncle, who passed away a
            few weeks before the recording was made. The cover of the single featured Jeff wearing
            "Latin lover" clothes and sunglasses, with his hair tied back. The idea was to get the
            Spanish communities hyped on this "new" artist and single, then break the mystery of it
            really being Talisman, which would hopefully ensure proper distribution in those
            territories, as well as making Talisman a contender with other artists in those
            markets right from the start. Due to poor promotion, this plan did not work, and the
            Genaro single disappeared quickly.
            "Todo Y Todo" also appears on _Humanimal Part II.
1995 - Patrick Muldoon - Jeff, Jody Whitesides, Julie Greaux, and Simone Speigel
            were writing and working on demos in early 1995 for an album project by actor
            Patrick Muldoon (Melrose Place). This project was later aborted once Muldoon got the
            Melrose Place gig, though it may be resurrected at a later date.
1995 - Iron Man (cartoon) - Jeff sang the opening/closing theme.
1995 - Night Stalkers (cartoon) - Jeff did a quick one-line vocal part in the opening theme.
1995 - 2000 Boogie Knights - Jeff performed with this popular disco cover band,
            primarily on the West Coast with one CD released.
1996 - H.T.'s Song (movie soundtrack) - In the summer of 1996, Jeff recorded the
            title track for a short, independent film that Ricky Phillips starred in and wrote the
            music for. The producer ultimately wanted Ricky to sing the song, so Jeff's version
            was not used in the film. No soundtrack was released.
1996 - Ricky Phillips: For about a year, Jeff wrote songs with former Bad
            English/Coverdale Page bassist Ricky Phillips. Also working with them was guitarist
            named Marcus Nand. They were centered around a Seal/Sting/Beatles vein,
            without sounding like either, and the material has been described by Jeff as "bluesy
            at times, nostalgic at others, jazzy, and even R&Bish." The tentative name of this
            project is Ku De Ta. At the present time, there are no set plans for any release.
1997 - Cracker (TV show) - Jeff did lead vocals for the actor portraying a
            singer/serial killer in this ABC drama, which originally aired on October 23, 1997.
1999 - The Replacements - unreleased movie soundtrack
2000 - Queen Of The Damned - unreleased movie soundtrack
2000 - 2001 - Rock Star - Mark Wahlberg/Jennifer Aniston movie 'Rock Star'.
            The movie is about a Judas Priest-type band in the 80's who's singer decides 2
            leave the band (like Rob Halford did)....Jeff does the voice 4 this character who
            is portrayed by Jayson Fleming of the English cult hit movie 'Lock, Stock & Two
            Smoking Barrels'). Wahlberg is a singer in a 'tribute' band of the 'Priest' band &
            just like Judas Priest did in real life, they get Wahlberg 2 replace the departed singer.
            Zakk Wylde, Jeff Pilson & Jason Bonham are in the 'main' band, both in the movie
            & on the soundtrack of the songs. Jeff is doing 4 songs 4 the movie & 2 additional.
            tracks 4 the soundtrack album. National release 9/7/2001.
2000 - George Of The Jungle - appearance on the movie soundtrack
2000 - Flubber - appearance on the movie soundtrack
2001 - Bubble Boy - Jeff has also done some vocal overdubs 4 a movie called
            Bubble Boy with possibly another big soundtrack slated in the near future
2003 - George Of the Jungle 2 - Direct to Home Video release;
            lead & background vocals


Skrapp Mettle promotional CD single with Dweezil Zappa (1991)
Around the time the Skrapp Mettle album was released, Dweezil Zappa acquired a copy of the CD, found out who was involved with the project, and offered his guitar services should there be any future Skrapp Mettle recordings. Thinking it would help to get radio play, the producer decided to include Dweezil on two existing tracks, and a two-track CD single was released to radio featuring "Star Hag" and "Sherbert," both of which are "Special Radio Mixes Featuring Dweezil Zappa."

Talisman Life-CD remix (1995) - Jeff and company were not happy with the initial mix of the Life-CD, but since their (former) Japanese record label wanted to stick to a firm release schedule, the so-called "unsatisfactory" mix of the album had to be sent to Japan for release there. Since the European release was several months later, the album was totally remixed and "patched up" to the band's satisfaction for the European market. Thus, there are two distinct mixes of the Life-CD. It's also worth noting that the Japanese CD features two exclusive bonus tracks.

THE JEFF SCOTT SOTO DISCOGRAPHY (last updated 6/28/2004)

Originally Compiled by Damien DeSimone
Currently Maintained by Darrell Sensing & Ronny Hahn

Note: The year listed in parentheses preceding each title represents the year of release, and may not necessarily reflect the exact year in which the particular album/single/etc. was recorded. In the case of an un-released session, the year listed does specify the year of recording, to the best of my knowledge.